Bye Room 202!

Sad to say that the 2008/2009 school year is over and Room 202 is no more. (It’s become the brand new awesome BookRoom!!)

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I knew it! Korea!

I knew it! I was going back to Korea! I told mom that there was no way I could go to Korea and she whispered
“you ARE going back to Korea you know just try your best.” I knew it! I was so glad when I heard that. I was about to fly away home. I read the book fly away home. I’m feeling as same as they feel, and as all the Koreans know. Korea has a good environment expect for some trashes on the street, and also my street where I’m living. It was so upgraded.

About Middle…..
 I think now I know why I was so sad about going up to middle school, because this blog is going to be deleated, and all the things we were doing together. Feeling together, feeling as same as all my classmates do. Here we go again. Before I was doing all the things on the pictures. It was just boring. I just felt ordinary, but now I noticed that many of us cried while we were looking back we did I’m going to miss you everybody.

One question for Ms.Hellyer: Why does this blog have to be deleated?????????

One more: How do I promote my own blog??????????

Am I crying again?


As I was seeing the pictures of we are doing something.  I could have cried. I always do, if I remember the things we were doing together. When I was actually doing it. I just felt boring,  but after I finished these. I noticed how friends are important, and I wanted to go back. I don’t know why I feel this sad,but seriously I feel really sad. Maybe because I should be apart with my friends. Some of them are leaving the ISB, and I’m really sad that this blog is going to be deleted which means I cannot see my friends’ work and some marks of my friends. I cannot just remeber my friends with an Ebook. I was thinking what was the funniest thing when I was in elementary. Of course P.E

Good Bye Room202!

Too Busy

I’m too busy as the other vacations I was having in Korea. I think because I’m in middle school. I have to read THE GIVER and some the other books in the 6th grade reading list. There is also one Teacher to teach me and see if I’m understanding the book well. There is Only ONE DAY in a week, I can play and rest for whole day. It is Sunday. It is my free day! If I’m not busy, I am not going back to Korea this year that means I have to finish all the math I’m doing which is Problem Solving and 6th grade’s math and 7th grade’s math.
I think I’m going to be able to do everything expect for 7th grade’s math, but I have to! My aunt built a new house she even made a room and the yard for me and my relatives to play. I’m going to stay there for two weeks! I must go back to Korea.
There are too many things waiting for me. One thing I forgot! who knows chiness character?

My feeling about Grudation and moving on to 6th Grade

I felt a littlebit dangerous that if I’m going to get F once, I’m going to die. Mom is going to kill me, but she trusts me anyway that I have to be even more careful. Most important thing I’m even actually in Middle school in Korea. Korea has sixth grade in Elementary. Someone told me that I actually have to be in like 7th Grade or 8th Grade! I surprise How many grades I came down.


On the last day of school almost everyone cried. It felt different from all the other years. kinder,1st,2nd,3rd and 4th felt like a very fast dream form last night.

I’ll miss 5th grade and elementary but I have to say goodbye and say hello to middle school.

Room202 wouldn’t be writing in this blog anymore but I’ll try to write as much as I can.


Josh’s semester2 goals

Goal 1:

My goal for semester 2 was to get 100%  in my basic facts test. I didn’t complete this goal.  I Didn’t complete  this goal because I didn’t do it much practice and I wasn’t home much.

Goal 2:

My 2 goal for semester2 was to work before playing.  I didn’t do such a good job at that because I forgot about when I rembered it was to late.

Goal 3:

My 3goal for semester2 was to Read longer.  I complied this goal because I put time and effort into reading and trying to find time to read.

I think if I tried harder I could have done the first or second goal but I Tried to improve my reading and I’m happy I got at least one goal.  That’s what I think.     

Reflection on semester two goals.

My goals for semester two was to make my handwriting neater in all of my books, improve my reading stamina at least up to 45 minuets, and improve my cooperation skills.

I did really well with my hand writing. I thought that my handwriting in the past was not so good because I was sometimes too much in a hurry to go to recess and I was sometimes not writing on the right line. My steps for completing this goal was to slow down, take my time, form letters correctly, and to write on the line. After using all these comments on my writing I was able to make my writing neater in all of my books.

I also thought that I did good with my reading stamina because I am now reading from a range of 40-50 minuets and sometimes 1 hour. In the past I personally thought that my reading stamina was not good and right on the line of 30 minuets is because I did not have a cozy spot to read in, the book that I picked was not just right for me, I did not arrange a time to read, and I did not have an enjoyable book to read. In the second semester I did find a cozy spot to read in my house, I found some books that were interesting and were suitable for me, and I did arrange some time for me to read in my house when ever I was free.

I do not think that I am doing well with group cooperation because I am not letting people share their ideas, I sometimes interrupt them while they are sharing to share my ideas, I did not really listen to other peoples ideas, and I sometimes do the work for them instead of teaching them. I think that next year in sixth grade I should at least do the opposite of 1 thing on that list of improvements that I should have made in the beginning of semester two to help me with my cooperation skills.

My second second semester reflection-Kayla

1. My major learning goal, for the second semester was to learn and remember all my basic facts, and know them by heart.

I practiced every night for about 30 minutes, it took some time but i rememberd, and now I don’t get stuck on any questions in our basic facts test. I can do that now, so I reached my goal. As they say, Practice makes perfect.

2. My work habit goal, for the second semester was to have neater hand writing.When I look through all my books from the begging of the semester to now. It looks really messy, and I know that I can do better than that.

I think that my hand writing has gotten better, but I think that I could still work on it. I could do better. When I am rushing my hand writing is very messy so I  think that I should take my time on writing. That is what i need to work on.

3. My third goal for the second semester was to increase my readig stamina, and insead of 30 minutes, minimum I tried to do 40 miutes minimum.

I think I have reached this goal because I looked in my reading log, and over the last 4 months I havent read around 30 minutes at all. It has always been around 40-50 minutes each night. I am proud of my self, for trying to read more every night.

Reflection for Chinu’s Semester 2 Goal

For my goals in semester 2 I have made up SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and a clear Timeframe.

My major goal is writing better poems I have to work on because for the last word on one line I sometimes cannot find a word that sounds the same because I wanted to use lack of hard or new words for my poem. The only thing that is stopping me to writing great poems are writing scientific words  such as discrimination, radical, environment, racism, tycoon and many more. Writing simple words don’t make poems fascinating but medium level words can make a poem sound like a song. So to achieve this goal I will need to study and develop words that make my poem and I am five sixth away to almost achieve my major goal.

My working habit is not being distracted by people or other things like rain falling hard, very foggy, colorful birds, etc. What I needed to achieve this goal was I had to concentrate very hard on everything I have to revise, make and do. There is nothing that can make me stop to achieve this goal because I make my mind concentrate on one thing only and no others. I have successfuly achieved this goal and I am proud of myself however when I need to go home from school I sometimes carelessly talk while the teacher says “Good afternoon room202!” and I still have to work on that.

My third goal is to read on the floor quietly and not move around the whole classroom. Sometimes I move around to read another book to read but at other times I try to get things from my desk, bags and folders. I will have to achieve this goal by reading on a carpet with all new books next to me with my supplies. I have no clue what can stop me from this goal because I have not made up my mind on which one so I thought maybe nothing or friends calling, need to go to the bathroom and lots more. I have successfuly  done my part in everything but I still think what can stop me from my third goal.

Adit’s Semester 2 goals!

My 3 goals for semester 2 were… 1. To not take charge of a group, 2. To be more organized in my workbooks, and 3. To focus on my learning intentions. Bellow are what I have achieved and what I am still going for.

Goal 1- I think I have improved alot at this goal though I have not fully completed it. This goal wil be carried on to the sixth grade.

Goal 2- I think I have almost completed this goal except that sometimes I still rush a litle bit. This is something I think I need to do in middle school so I am happy on how I have improved.

Goal 3-This is the only goal I think I could do a lot better at because I am so busy doing my work that I foret to focus on what the intention of the work is.